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Everyday Miracles Massage

Get a massage you'll really love!
What makes us different?  Our massages are a full hour of treatment times  Our therapist has 30+ years of experience and training in multiple modalities.  We use our Signature aromatherapy lotion that leave your skin soft and not greasy.  Best of all we listen to you and work with you on your needs of the day.  Each massage is different because each person is different.  We develop rapport with our members and enjoy working with them every month. 

Monthly Member Price  $79
1 hr (Non - member)  $100
90 minutes  -  $145
Member 90  - $99

Wellness Massage:
This is your invitation to set aside stress, tension and other blocks and simply BE. This healing body work is a compilation of applied techniques based on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual status of the individual combined with each person’s goals for the session.  Enjoy feeling relaxed, renewed, more balanced, and inspired with each treatment.

Jennifer B says:
I first went to Ta'mus for massage for low back pain. After years of massage therapy, I can say that this was the most effective massage session I had ever experienced.