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Crystal Light Therapy
A powerful healing treatment that balances mind, body and spirit.  We offer 30 min and 1 hour sessions and will help you decide which is better for you based on your individual needs.  Please call to book your session. 

In office treatments
30 min  - $55
1 hr - $100

Crystal light therapy can also be combined with Sound therapy or your wellness massage.  Ask your therapist to customize a session for you. 

 * Package and member pricing also available.

****Our Crystal light therapy can also come to you. 

Call us to arrange to add this to your event or invite a group to your home, church or office

Benefits of a Crystal Light Therapy treatment
•   Calms and re-balances the nervous system;
•   Helps to restore function of the hormonal system;
•   Releases negative emotions such as depression, grief and anger;
•   Cleanses the physical and spiritual body of negative energies that become attached to your energetic field;
•   Opens all the energetic centers and cleanses any blockages that impede the vital flow of your spiritual life force;
•   Stimulates development of spiritual awareness;
•   Realigns, centers and corrects the spin of each chakra;
•   Totally rebalances and purifies your spirit, mind and body
•   Assists in aligning you with your divine purpose;
•   Improves concentration, focus and clarity; and
•   Improves cell communication
People feel all manner of sensations during and after sessions – pressure, weight, lightness, heaviness, hot, cold, wind, all manner of body sensations, tickling, tingling, etc. The crystals can evoke feelings of peace and serenity, and typically a very deep relaxation. You may simply fall asleep and wake up feeling very refreshed and renewed. You may experience insights and release of specific personal issues and memories. You may have feelings of numbness, warmth, movement, expansion, cleansing, or a feeling of being touched. Some people feel sensations of physical healing taking place, as they feel the Casa energies working directly on their physical bodies. Your awareness may even extend beyond yourself to higher states of consciousness.
Although it does cause a deep sense of relaxation, it is not primarily a relaxation therapy.  It is a powerful tool for healing in your physical, emotional and spiritual life.  We invite you to call us to ask any questions before you book your session.

Crystal Light Therapy and John of God
"Crystal Light Therapy" is safe and non-invasive treatment created at the Casa de Dom Inacio.  The Casa de Dom Inácio (the house of St Ignatius Loyola) is a spiritual healing centre in Abadiânia, central Brazil.  It is prescribed at the Casa for healing in many areas.  It is frequently referred to as a Crystal Light Bath or Crystal Bed Therapy. For over 20 years, João Teixeira de Faria, a gifted and powerful medium known as "João de Deus" (John of God) has helped countless people achieve apparently miraculous healings - of cancer, AIDS, paraplegia, blindness and many other serious or seemingly "incurable" illnesses.  In May, 2015 Ta'mus travelled to Abadiania, Brazil and was approved to bring this therapy to our practice.  In addition, our crystal were blessed and empowered by John of God and create a powerful portal of healing with the Casa.