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Love Your Life

Wouldn't you love to jump out of bed in the morning, excited about your day?
At Everyday Miracles, we are passionate about helping people, just like you, to create a life they love living.  We see people every day who are frustrated because they have been unable to create lasting changes or get the results they want. Maybe you have felt that way.  If you do, you can rest assured that we understand.  Many of our clients felt that way when they began, but they found that with the structure and support of coaching, that those frustrations melted away. You will find yourself experiencing more joy, self-worth and confidence and success in all area of your life, just as they did.  You will learn to master the spiritual side of success and create new results.  Get the support you need to discover your dream and the confidence you need to go after it!

Is coaching right for you?
Personal coaching provides support for people who are looking for all kinds of results. We use a PROVEN, success system that Jumpstarts your performance.  You will learn to create a life that you would LOVE to live.  You may want to consider personal coaching for any of the following reasons.

  • Feeling dissatisfied with your life
  • Struggling with your weight
  • Experiencing Chronic pain or health issues
  • To up-level your performance and make more money
  • Starting your own business
  • Transitioning to a new location or job
  • Feeling stuck
  • Unsure about what career path to choose
  • Looking for your soulmate

If any of these things describes you, Now is the time to invest in yourself.  Don't let another day go by without finding out how personal coaching can help. You deserve to love your life!

Some People live 99 years, but most people live the same year 99 times. 
This is your time to create a life you love living! 

Not sure what you would love?
This session will help you determine the next step to take in creating a life you love.
These sessions are limited, so book yours today!


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What our clients  are saying about Love Your Life:

There are windows of opportunity that present themselves in one’s life, and it is up to us to decide whether to go through them or not. I am so happy and grateful that I choose to take a leap of faith, and sign up for the Love your Life program with Susan as my coach. The concepts are simple but profound, the lessons revealing, and the 3 month journey eye opening and transformative. Susan is a wonderful guide that helps you discover your true self, walk through your fears, and really define what the dream is for your life. Few events in my life have facilitated such paradigm shifts in my thinking, and given me the tools and confidence to believe without a doubt, that my dreams really can come true. The journey for me has now begun and it can for you too. Open to the possibilities!
Deb B.  5/5/14

I am so happy and grateful to have attracted this program into my life.  Participating in the Love Your Life program has been life changing and Susan is a fantastic guide.  Whenever I got myself tied up in knots she calmed me down and helped me untangle then refocus.  And being a part of a group was a very positive experience.  I met some amazing women and made new friends to help me navigate my way.  I cannot recommend this program or Susan strongly enough.  I am a noticeably happier and more vibrant person as a result of this coaching.  There is no better investment than in yourself and you will learn so much from working with Susan.  You are worth it – sign up.   
Lauren Keith, Ph.D.  4/30/14