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Meet Susan
Susan Duprat is a passionate health professional as well as a successful business owner. A desire to help others with their health concerns led Susan to open her own wellness center, Everyday Miracles with her husband, Ta'mus Duprat.  In addition to using bodywork, she integrates the art and science of mind-body thinking to help others heal.  

As a Life Mastery Consultant certified through the Life Mastery Institute, Susan speaks to organizations, companies and audiences interested in a new model of success. Through interactive workshops, Susan leads clients to discover their dreams with a re-programming and visioning process. For sustainable results, Susan offers coaching programs to support clients to make their dreams a reality. Talk to Susan about your company's vision and how to make it a reality. 

One of Susan's favorite things is to coach people to overcome individual circumstances and move them into embracing the life they would love! Schedule a 45-minute complimentary Clarity consultation (valued at $350) to determine whether her coaching support is an appropriate fit for your individual needs. During the consultation we will explore the current state of your health, as well as focus on well-being related areas that include relationships, your life’s passions and your time and money freedom. We will determine where you are currently in these key areas of your life and where you would love to be. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore your longings and your discontents, which provide the awareness to create a vision of a life you would love living. It is all about living your life in full-spectrum health.

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